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Brittany's Story

Brittany & Daisy Aug 2006
Daisy is part of T.C. Thompson Children Hospital Pet Therpey, she visits with all the children at the hospital, she also has Cancer

I have Leukemia ALL
Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia or ALL) is a disease where too many immature lymphocytes (a type of white blood cell) are found in the blood and bone marrow. Symptoms can include persistent fever, weakness or tiredness, achiness in the bones or joints, or swollen lymph nodes.

Come take a walk with me and meet my family & friends who walk beside me,some have different kind of cancer than me, but we are all in this togather.There's one you can't see, HE comes at all hours, all I have to do is call HIS Sweet Name

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"Hold On Tight To Your Dreams and stay close to GOD"

Music playing is "Where There Is Faith" By: 4 Him

Where There Is Faith

I believe in faithfulness 
I believe in giving of myself 
For someone else 

I believe in peace and love 
I believe in honesty and trust, 
But it's not enough 

For all I believe will never change the way it is, 
Unless I believe, that Jesus lives 

Where there is faith 
There is a voice calling, keep walking 
You're not alone any more Where there is faith 
There is a peace like a child sleeping 
A hope everlasting in He, who is able to bear every burden, to 
Heal every hurt in my heart 
It is a wonderful, powerful place 
Where there is faith 

There's a man across the sea 
Never heard the sound of freedom ring 
Only in his dreams 

There's a lady dressed in black 
In a motorcade of Cadillac's 
Daddy's not coming back 

And our hearts begin to fall and our ability grows weak, 
But Jesus meets our needs 
If we only believe, 

{Repeat Chorus} 

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